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The expertise & personalized support you need to care for your aging parent, without sacrificing your own health & happiness.

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I Help You Regain Control of Your Life When Caring For an Aging Parent Has Become Too Stressful, So Everyone Can Enjoy the Golden Years Ahead.

Did you know that medications can cause your parent to fall more often? I'll help you watch for red flags & keep your parent safe.

Less Falls

Trips to the hospital are stressful, time consuming & expensive. I can help you avoid unnecessary hospital trips & keep your parent safe at home. 

Less Hospital Trips

Chances are your parent is on way too many medications! I will help you systematically & safely reduce the number of medications needed. 

Less Medications

The reality is that you have a lot on your plate, and it's stressful! I help you save time, money & your sanity with easy-to-understand information & support.

Less Stress

Live coaching + a beautiful community of other adult caregivers on the same journey as you! Compare notes, share "wins" & get your questions answered!

Personal Support

No more waiting on hold to talk with the doctor or specialist. With my live weekly coaching, you can get your questions answered quickly!

Easier Communication

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...that period of time when you’re busy with your own career & family, and now have to care for your Mom or Dad, too! You’re juggling a million things at once - new medications, communicating with doctors, waiting in line at the pharmacy, trying to keep up with new diets & protocols, and the list goes on…

Have You Heard of The "Sandwich Generation?"

Can you relate?

We're overwhelmed with comparing nursing homes & assisted-living options.

Everyone is trying their best, but the doctors just don't have enough time to talk with us.

I spend hours each week just waiting on hold to speak with the right person.

I wish someone could help me understand all of this so I could make better decisions.

My parent needs physical help getting around the house & has started falling.

My parent has been put on tons of medications & it's hard to keep them straight!

Trying to care for my mom or dad is taking a major toll on me emotionally.

We've had to make several hospital visits and I'm concerned there will be a lot more.

If so, I can help!

Get Your Questions ANswered

On-demand training & personal support to stop the chaos & reclaim your life while caring for your aging parent.

Introducing "The Shay Way" 

My 12-week online course + weekly group coaching provides everything you need to take better care of your aging parent, while also keeping yourself (+ your family) sane!

YOu don't have to do this alone!

Course Only

  • Medication Management
  • Hospital Stays
  • Doctor Communication
  • Family Dynamics
  • Home Safety & Falls
  • Advanced Directives
  • Home Health Care
  • Insurance Complexities
  • Palliative Care
  • Hospice Information

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I'm here to help you take care of your aging parent! With over 12 years of experience as a Physician Associate (PA), I saw a clear gap in the heath care system, and decided to fill it!

The reality is that doctors & specialists don’t have time to address your questions & provide you the support you need to care for your Mom or Dad.And that's where I come in!

Consider me your GO-TO resource for anything & everything related to elder care. I can help you minimize your parent's medications, identify red flags, advocate for their needs & breakdown all the information being thrown you way. 

Having the right support means less stress for you & better health outcomes for your parent! 

Rather than asking Google, Just Ask Shay!

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Did you know that the medications your parent has been prescribed may be causing him/her to fall more often? It's way more common than you think!

The truth is: more pills = more problems, and falling is oftentimes one of those problems! I want you to get started right away, so click the button below & take my 5 simple steps.  

Could Meds Be Causing Your Parent to Fall?

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Take These 5 Actions 

My mission is to give you (+ your family) the support you deserve! I do this by helping you make difficult decisions, interpret prescriptions, identify "red flags", communicate with doctors & eliminate extra pills. Which leads to less falls, hip fractures, hospitalizations & stress. Because everyone involved deserves to enjoy the precious years ahead!

To make your life easier!

My Mission:

You Deserve More Support:

Weekly coaching (with me!) to save you time & sanity. This is where you can ask all your questions!

My signature online course, packed with inside secrets to help you take better care of your parent.

Someone to explain things more clearly, so you can make the right decisions for your aging parent.

A beautiful community of fellow caregivers, who are on the same journey.

"Shay is an advocate for her patients & readily gives the extra effort to optimize their health care. She helped me ensure that our shared patient received high-quality care in their transition to an outpatient setting, despite several complications & challenges.

 When she told me about The Elder Care Hub & helping  families navigate our healthcare system, it seemed genuine to her ethos as a healthcare provider."

- Robert Aertker, M.D.

"Shay is an advocate for her patients & readily gives the extra effort to optimize their health care"

Expert Approved:

“Having worked elbow to elbow with Shay for years in the hospital, I have observed her excellent fund of knowledge, her unwavering empathy for patients and families, and her tenacious spirit to provide the best, evidence based care.
Shay has a spark that brings joy wherever she goes and she can light up a room even in the most challenging of situations. I would entrust Shay with my own family’s care and recommend her without reservation”

- Rachel Hoover, P.A.

"Shay has a spark that brings joy wherever she goes and she can light up a room even..."

Say goodbye to unanswered questions, rushed visits, unnecessary hospital trips, redundant medications & confusing medical jargon, And hello to The SHAY WAY - personalized support with actionable strategies to help you care for your parent. Less stress & more joy. I can't wait to chat with you! 

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“Passionate, Knowledgable & Assertive”

Shay is passionate, knowledgeable, and assertive to always provide the best outcome for her patients. She is someone you want on your side in your health journey when navigating the rapid channels of healthcare."

— Michelle Bahena, R.N.

On-demand training & personal support to make caring for your aging parent less stressful + more joyful.


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Stop the chaos & reclaim your life with on-demand training & personal support when you need it the most. Get instant access to the online course today, or join me in the full program for VIP Coaching & Support. 

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